What is the shareholder structure of AMBRA?

Schloss Wachenheim AG (Trier, Germany) holding 61,12% shares is the parent company of AMBRA. The Schloss Wachenheim Group is one of the leading sparkling wine producers in Germany and France as well as an owner of the wine store chain in Germany. The shareholders structure of the AMBRA Group is available HERE.

What is the structure of the AMBRA Group?

AMBRA S.A. is the parent company of the AMBRA Group. The Group currently consists of 14 subsidiaries. In addition, the Group holds shares in one associated entity. The AMBRA Group capital structure is available HERE.

Do members of the management and supervisory boards hold shares of AMBRA?

Yes. Robert Ogór, CEO holds 171 352 shares, Piotr Kaźmierczak, CFO – 32 432 shares, Nick Reh, supervisory board member – 50 000 shares.

When are financial reports of the AMBRA Group published?

The current calendar of important events is available HERE.

Where does the AMBRA Group operates?

The Group is a wine market leader in Poland and a leading producer, importer and distributor of wine in the Central and Eastern Europe. The Group’s entities operate in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. DORATO, CIN&CIN, FRESCO, PICCOLO, WINIARNIA ZAMOJSKA, PLISKA, CYDR LUBELSKI, ZAREA are some brands owned by the Group. They are leaders in their market segments. The Group operates the largest network of wine stores in Poland under the CENTRUM WINA / DISTILLERS LIMITED brand. It is also the largest supplier of premium wines for gastronomy. AMBRA's offer comprises own brand wines produced by the Group or on its order in various countries of the world as well as wines imported from the world's largest producers.

What is the Group dividend policy?

AMBRA has been paying dividends continuously since 2008/2009 and the nominal value of dividend has been growing year by year for over 10 years. Since December 2018 AMBRA has been included in the WIGDIV index with a dividend yield of 3,9%. More details on dividends paid in previous years can be found HERE.

Where can I find financial results of the AMBRA Group?

Financial reports of the AMBRA Group are published in accordance with the previously published calendar through the ESPI system on the websites of Bloomberg L.P., Notoria Serwis S.A. and Polska Agencja Prasowa S.A. (more details in Polish HERE).

Financial reports are also available on the AMBRA website www.ambra.com.pl in Reports. Full reports in Polish are available HERE.

Can I meet and/or talk to the board members of AMBRA?

Please contact Katarzyna Koszarna, corporate communication and sustainability director, email: K.Koszarna@ambra.com.pl, phone number: +48 506 014 144.

Further questions? Please contact us: ir@ambra.com.pl

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