October 19, 2014

AMBRA S.A. found itself among the award winners for industry leaders supporting positive changes taking place in the Polish food industry and trade.   

The editors of the “Rynek Spożywczy” magazine, service www.portalspozywczy.pl and www.dlahandlu.pl presented mentions during the 7th Food Market Forum. AMBRA received the award in the Food Market Innovator 2014 category.

“For becoming the leader on a young, rapidly growing cider market in Poland as well as the important role in popularising this new product category among Polish consumers” - we read in the justification of the verdict.

It is the culmination of a record summer season, which certainly belonged this year to Cydr Lubelski. The youngest and fastest-growing category of light spirits captured summer picnics and beach events. Like a storm it broke into the most popular café terraces and successfully settled in the menu of holiday breakfasts on the grass. Cydr accompanied us during the concerts, intimate camping trips and unforgettable meetings with friends. It also became a media hero through #JedzJabłka and #PijCydr action that does not lose its topicality. Later this year, total sales of cider may exceed 10 million litres. 

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