We are the largest manufacturer, importer and distributor of wines.

Among our brands there are such icons as CIN&CIN, DORATO, EL SOL, FRESCO, PLISKA, PICCOLO, the most popular cider in Poland - CYDR LUBELSKI and the youngest brand WINIARNIA ZAMOJSKA. They are sales leaders in their market segments and a huge capital of trust that consumers have been placing in us for years.

CENTRUM WINA / DISTLLERS LIMITED is acting in our structure as a specialised distributor of wines at a price above PLN 20 (fine wines) as well as premium spirits for catering, individual consumers and businesses. We have the largest selection of wines on the market that we are constantly improving. Over 60% of our revenues come from sales of still and sparkling wines.


Mission of AMBRA S.A.

We deliver products to shops, distribution networks and wholesalers.

We serve more than 1,500 restaurants. Under the name of CENTRUM WINA / DISTILLERS LIMITED we run the chain of 35 wine stores offering more than 500 types of wines from over 50 regions around the world as well as a wide range of premium spirits. Our experts are ready to serve our clients seven days a week in the largest Polish cities.

In 2005, we debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In the nine years from the stock exchange debut we have generated nearly PLN 200 million profit and paid out over PLN 150 million of dividends to our Shareholders.

Owing to the strong and well-known brands and the presence in diverse sales channels since the early 90s of the last century, we accompany Consumers in the most important moments of their lives.


professionals in our team    


types of wines from around the world    



40 million

annual production of wine bottles and other products

We are the exclusive distributor in Poland for many world famous wine producers.

We represent as many as 7 out of 11 prestigious wine families associated in the Primum Familiae Vini.
We have our own production plant in Wola Duża near Biłgoraj, where, owing to the latest technology and under the most rigorous quality requirements, we can produce over 50 million bottles of wine and other products annually.

Our competitive advantage is strengthened by the commitment of a strong industry shareholder - the German company Schloss Wachenheim AG, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. We create a joint purchasing group in terms of wine production materials and technologies. We have access to new products from the European market and the possibility to use the production capacity of plants in Germany and France.    

We are faithful to our values. We have created a catalogue of six major principles that we follow in our daily work

Strategy of AMBRA

Our strategy assumes that we will increase this advantage by reaching more than 25 percent market share, which, with stable costs will translate into growing profits and the Company’s value.

Our aim is:

  • optimal use of the wine market in Poland development potential
  • focus on the development of well-known and strong portfolio of brands, such as CIN&CIN, EL SOL, DORATO, CYDR LUBELSKI
  • development of premium distribution channels: HORECA and retail
  • market development in other growing market categories of spirits such as cider, brandy, drinks, premium vodka
  • increasing cash flow from operations and consistent growth dividend policy dividend payments

Wine is our passion that we share with over 200 000 members of one of Poland’s largest loyalty programmes - “Kocham Wino”.

An important condition for the adopted market expansion strategy is the increasing consumption of wine. Due to its still low level compared to the European average and macroeconomic factors, the market is characterised by long-term growth potential. This implies strong social trends, such as education growth and personal income increase, the effect of which is moving the consumers away from traditional alcohols towards lighter and flavoured products.

We attach great value to the popularisation of a wine drinking culture in Poland. We organise the largest wine event in Poland - Kocham Wino Fest, wine trainings, commented dinners and meetings with sommeliers from around the world.

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