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Young Brand of Success (Młoda Marka Sukcesu)

CYDR LUBELSKI was awarded a prestige Young Brand of Success prize. The competition was organized by "Rzeczpospolita"

Our natural cider produced from freshly pressed apples was appreciated by the jury, which included, among others, Jacek Krawiec - President of PKN ORLEN and Zbigniew Jagiello - President of PKO BP. The jury took into account innovation, brand development dynamics and timing of new market trends.

"... Also in traditional industries such as the production of alcoholic beverages, you can create a new product and a very innovative brand, such as CYDR LUBELSKI" - said Jolanta Wiśniewska, Vice-President of the Polish Radio.


Food Market Innovator (Innowator Rynku Spożywczego)

AMBRA S.A. was among the award winners for industry leaders supporting positive changes taking place in the Polish food industry and trade.

The editors of the “Rynek Spożywczy” magazine, and services presented the mentions during the 7th Food Market Forum. AMBRA received the award in the Food Market Innovator 2014 category.

“For becoming the leader in a young, rapidly growing cider market in Poland as well as an important role in popularising this new product category among Polish consumers” – we read in justification of the verdict.


Consumer Quality Leader 2014 (Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2014)

The Jagiellonian University surveyed the Polish market of ciders. Half of the respondents declaring knowledge of the cider category indicated Cydr Lubelski as the best Polish cider.

An independent study conducted by the Jagiellonian University was carried out under the “Consumer Quality Leader 2014” programme under the banner of “Choose what’s best”. Its aim is to select consumer best rated brands.

This was the third edition of the study. It included the cider category, the fastest growing market for alcoholic beverages in Poland, for the first time.

Cydr Lubelski won in its category 48.3% of votes in the national ranking of products prepared on the basis of the study results. Consumers said that this is the best quality Polish cider. Second place went to Green Mill Cider (11.8%), the third to 7 Sadów Cider (8.6%).

The Jagiellonian University conducted a study using the concept of mixed-methods methodology.    


Gold Medal of the Polish Council of Wine-Making (Złoty Medal Polskiej Rady Winiarstwa)

Cydr Lubelski was the winner of the Gold Medal of the Polish Council of Wine-Making competition - consumers’ choice in the Summer Garden Party category.

The victory of Cydr Lubelski was decided by consumers voting via a special web form. They were choosing favourite wines and wine products that suit various occasions in the year. The award ceremony took place during a press conference of the Polish Council of Wine-Making.


Gold Receipts 2014 (Złote Paragony 2014)

Awards were given to Cydr Lubelski (in the category of low-alcohol drinks and ciders) and CIN&CIN brand (in the category of sparkling wines and champagnes), and the mention went to SUTTER HOME (in the category of wine).

The mention was awarded by Readers of the monthly magazine “HURT& DETAL” - one of the most significant FMCG nationwide magazines on the commercial press market.

Over 350 products in 47 categories were competing for “Golden Receipts”. The competition was held under the supervision of the TNS Polska Research Institute. The study was conducted on a sample of 570 correctly completed questionnaires. Data came from all formats of shops and a full geographic range of the country.



The Cydr Lubelski brand received the “SUCCESS OF THE YEAR 2014” statuette during the “Grand Gala of Personalities and Successes of the Year”.

“Success is the motivation of each action, the desire to stand out from others. Creativity, originality and optimism” - decided the Organisers of the “Grand Gala of Personalities and Successes of the Year” awarding the “SUCCESS OF THE YEAR 2014” statuette to the Cydr Lubelski brand.

The competition jury making decisions on the mentions consists of representatives of social and cultural life, the winners of the previous years and the editors of the “Osobowości i Sukcesy” magazine, that also contains an article about the SUCCESS OF CYDR LUBELSKI.    


Best Product 2014 (Najlepszy Produkt 2014)

The EL SOL España White wine was awarded a silver medal in the Wine category of the “Best Product 2014” competition, which is the Polish edition of the “Product des Jahres” consumer survey organised for 14 years in Germany. The “Best Product” title was awarded to 144 new products in 48 categories (food, household chemicals and cosmetics). Among the winners were the products of both Polish and international brands. The survey was conducted in November 2013 by the GfK Polonia research institute commissioned by the Economic Publishing House, the publisher of leading trade magazines “Wiadomości Handlowe” and “Wiadomości Kosmetyczne”.    


Know Good Food (Poznaj Dobrą Żywność)

Cydr Lubelski received the prestigious “Know Good Food” mark awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Since 2004, the “Know Good Food” programme has been awarding products of outstanding quality, meeting strict and precisely specified criteria developed by the Scientific Committee on Food Products Quality. The mark promotes only the best manufacturers and has to constantly motivate them to improve the quality of their products and to increase the diversity of the offer.

“Know Good Food” is one of the most recognisable Polish quality marks that effectively helps consumers make informed purchasing choices and builds growth of confidence in food products. Being awarded the mark proves that Cydr Lubelski is a completely natural product that meets the highest quality standards, which was unanimously confirmed by independent experts.


Appreciate Polish (Doceń Polskie)

Cydr Lubelski as the first cider was awarded the “Appreciate Polish” certificate. Members of the Experts Lodge who evaluated products awarded it the maximum scores and the “TOP PRODUCT” title.

The “Appreciate Polish” programme rewards the highest quality products available on the Polish market and having a “Polish accent”. In the course of the audits carried out by members of the Experts Lodge products are evaluated for taste, appearance of the product, but also value for money. While the prestigious TOP PRODUCT prize for Cydr Lubelski is an additional mention awarded only to the best rated brands with the maximum number of points gained. During the jubilee 10th certification of the “Appreciate Polish” programme, Cydr Lubelski produced in the Lublin region and only from Polish apples turned out to be unbeatable.

The promotional “Appreciate Polish” programme is held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Lodge comprises five specialists professionally related to food and food technology, including members of the Chefs’ Club Foundation.


Luxury Brand of the Year 2013 (Luksusowa Marka Roku 2013)

The CIN&CIN brand was among the prestigious products awarded the Luxury Brand of the Year 2013 title.

The originator of the annual Gala gathering artists and representatives of the business world is Mariusz Pujszo, actor, director and film producer. Creating the ranking of Polish luxury brands it rewards and promotes high quality products that meet the expectations of the most demanding Customers.



The “Trade Hit 2013” prize in the sweet wines category was awarded to Fresco Semi Sweet White wine.

The competition was organised by the monthly magazine “Handel”. Participants were nominated by the Nielsen Research Institute indicating the five best-selling products in several dozens of FMCG categories. Winners in the independent study were chosen by readers of the monthly magazine “Handel” - retailers asked about which of the finalists is the most popular product of choice for consumers in their shop.

Fresco Semi Sweet White wine was recognised as the best-selling product in 2013 in the SWEET WINES category. In previous years, AMBRA was mentioned, among others, for CIN&CIN Vermouth Bianco.


Grand Prix of WINO Magazine 2012 (Grand Prix Magazynu WINO 2012)

Centrum Wina - the leader of the fine wines market in Poland - has been awarded the Grand Prix 2012 by the experts of the WINO Magazine.    

Centrum Wina received the award in the IMPORTER OF THE DECADE category as “one of the largest and most important players in the wine market in Poland”.

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