Our Team eagerly pursues an ambitious strategy of developing the value of the AMBRA S.A. brand.

The capital of trust that the consumers have been bestowing in our products for years is our big commitment. Therefore, according to the AMBRA’s catalogue of values, we still ask the question: “what is there new that can we do for the consumer?”.

We like to have ideas, engage in new projects, and take up interesting challenges. We are motivated by both business and market goals. We are looking for personal mastery, drawing inspiration from the best, but our priority is work that raises the sum of individual skills to the power. Creating better and better forms of cooperation is like stepping into the higher levels of the game.

And we want to be the best team in the world.

Technologist / Planning Specialist

Marcin Robak

My work experience at AMBRA S.A. began from…

- …the interview, among others, with the Chief Technologist Arthur Dubai. It was in 2007.

My biggest success is…

- …the promotion to the position of Technologist / Planning Specialist. Previously, I was a Laboratory Technician and Head of the Laboratory.

I draw energy to work…

- …from the cooperation with people and the joy that I get from the opportunity to participate in the process of creating our products.

After work…

- …I physically spend time at home, but my thoughts wonder around work all the time. My whole day revolves around wine.    

AMBRA Group Controlling Director

Leszek Kaczor

My work experience at AMBRA S.A. began…

- …on April Fool’s Day in 1998 as the Accountant. In the course of several years at AMBRA I have come a long way. I was Chief Accountant of Centrum Wina, Financial Controller of AMBRA and Financial Director of Centrum Wina.

My biggest success is…

- …maintaining a healthy balance between professional career and private life. In the professional sphere - building a competent Controlling Department that works well together and which supports the process of making key decisions in the company.

I draw energy to work…

- …from my loved ones, new challenges and goals as well as moments of respite spent during trips out of the city with a camera in hand.

After work…

- …I spend time with my daughter, read a historical book about medieval orders of knights, I play the piano for hours and I can look at the starry sky above the Roztocze hills for hours. I am fascinated by planespotting and good music.    

Join us

We are looking for people with very good professional background, commitment and creativity.

We offer:

  • work in the fastest growing segment of the spirits market
  • the opportunity to gain experience in a modern structured company
  • the opportunity for professional development

We start each recruitment process by publishing the announcement. Typically required documents include a CV and cover letter. Depending on the position, we invite candidates for a job interview, to solve the skills or aptitude tests and/or to participate in the Assessment Centre.    

If you want to join our Team, please send an application to: rekrutacja@ambra.com.pl

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