We attach particular importance to maintaining the trust of Consumers, Partners and Shareholders.    

In our work, we are looking for a balance between economic, environmental and social aspects of the operation, following the idea of socially responsible business and sustainable development.

We try our best to meet the expectations of a good, environmentally and consumer friendly products, labour rights, environmental protection as well as technological and ethical standards. We follow the principles of professionalism and business integrity. We pay attention to the clarity of the organisational structure and reliability of operation.

In all areas of activity we are open to dialogue with the shareholders and take action in line with their expectations. Thanks to that we base relations with Consumers, Suppliers, Investors and local Community on mutual trust and respect.

Fulfilling the role of a responsible manufacturer, employer and member of the local community, we participate in educational sports projects.  We also actively support initiatives related to the development of culture.

Non-financial report of the AMBRA Group

In September 2018 AMBRA published its first non-financial report.

The non-financial report is a part of the 2017/2018 Annual Report and is available HERE (in Polish).

Based on the assumptions of CSR we build our long-term strategy of development and foundations of everyday work

We promote Polish food

We work with scientific and research institutions, including the Institute of Fermentation Technology and Microbiology at the Łódź University of Technology. We invest in development projects, innovative technologies and market research. On the basis of these analyses, we hope that we are even more reliable in the role of wine industry leader.

We are also participating in a number of prestigious trade fair events. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the first partially free elections in 1989, we held a special party organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Madrid, in its gardens, in collaboration with the Agricultural Market Agency. The Cydr Lubelski brand was a partner of the event promoting Polish food and export potential of Polish producers of agri-food.    

We collaborate with the Biłgoraj XXI Foundation

In Biłgoraj, where our Production Facility is located, we support the construction project of the “City on the Route of Borderland Cultures” creating a multi-dimensional basis for new directions of development of tourism in the region.

The central place of the “Borderland City” is to be the Fair Market with the Town Hall, hotel and catering services centre. The Jewish Market with the Singer Museum is planned in the northern edge. Both complexes will be connected by the Walking Route. The plans also provide for the location of a historic wooden church, the Orthodox church, sports and recreation complex as well as the revitalisation of the Nowakowski Park. The “Borderland City” is to be a magnet for tourists as well as the market in Kazimierz Dolny and Sandomierz. The project is coordinated by the Biłgoraj XXI Foundation: http://www.bilgoraj21.pl/

We partner with the Biłgoraj Land Local Fund

The Biłgoraj Land Local Fund Foundation: http://www.flzb.lbl.pl/ - is an independent, non-political philanthropic organisation operating in the area of the Biłgoraj poviat and Zwierzyniec commune, based on American patterns of community foundation. It raises and grants funds to improve the living conditions of the local community, including for:

  • scholarship support for pupils and students
  • social projects that contribute to solving local problems and integrating people around issues important to them in terms of culture, education, health, sports, tourism and environmental protection
  • purchase of medical equipment
  • promotion of volunteering

In 1999-2013, the Foundation gave the local community PLN 2,043,495.93 in the form of scholarships (PLN 1,142,490), grants (PLN 747,500) and donations (PLN 153,505.93).

The idea of socially responsible business and sustainable development is also implemented by AMBRA brands

Piccolo realises children’s dreams

Since 2013, together with the Students’ Sports Club SMS in Łódź, we have been looking for young talent during the nationwide Piccolo Cup football tournament for children’s teams. The sports competition on the fields of the Kazimierz Górski School of the Sports Championship in Łódź is proudly supported by the players of the Widzew Łódź club and the main sponsor - the Piccolo brand.

Piccolo promotes the idea of wearing reflective clothing after dusk

In the autumn of 2013, we conducted a promotional campaign under the banner of “Piccolo adds reflection to children”. We added colourful and reflective bands to our limited series of Piccolo drinks, encouraging children to learn the rules of proper road use, and we actively join the discussion about child safety.

Piccolo works with the ART-RECYCLING Academy

During the carnival in 2014, together with Anna Baćmaga, art therapist and originator of the ART-RECYCLING Academy, we promoted the idea of upcycling: transformation of unnecessary things and giving them new purpose. We created four spectacular carnival creations from recycled materials.    

Cydr Lubelski supports young Polish design

We are a sponsor of Warsaw Design Fair PATTERNS: http://wzorytargi.pl/ “We want to shorten the distance between the designer and the client. (…) We would like art, which industrial design is, to have the best conditions for development and prosperity. We are searching for and invite to collaborate with young and talented designers. We support small, craft brands and appreciate the uniqueness of both form and quality” - we read in the manifesto of this extraordinary project.    

Cydr Lubelski is the sponsor of the Inne Brzmienia festival

East of the Culture - Inne Brzmienia Art’n’Music Festival: http://www.innebrzmienia.pl/ - the biggest music event in the Lublin region - a multidisciplinary festival featuring artists of the world music, jazz, rock, reggae, electro, and classical music scene. Organisers are most inspired by what is in between, somewhere on the border of genres, traditions and cultural influences. Thus, the idea of the festival combines people who in music are looking for originality and high quality, and are opposed to succumbing to the popular trends and commercialism.    

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